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Forgotten Worlds


Book 16
Everyone in the Paxon hierarchy wants to know what Special Agent Levat knows, but first they must wake her from her coma. When a SecurCom agent manages to rouse her enough to access her memories, she reveals a location not in any of their assignments. Perplexed by this, they decide to investigate. Others are watching, however, ready to act to protect the secrets locked in Agent Levat's mind.

When a message is received by the Cartegos requesting Ann's presence at Aurelia Station and suggesting that Seska is alive, Zaer changes their course. Knowing the station is run by a tenuous partnership of criminal organizations that hate Ethalians, a plan is formed to keep Ann safe while meeting with those who have information about Seska…

But nothing ever goes as planned, especially since Paxon Central Command has posted a high bounty for Ann's capture that each of the partners of Aurelia wants for themselves.