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Forgotten Worlds


Book 16
Everyone in the Paxon hierarchy wants to know what Agent Levat knows, but first they must wake her from her coma. When a SecurCom agent manages to wake her enough to access her memories, she reveals a location not in any of their assignments. Others are watching, however, ready to act to protect the secrets locked in Agent Levat's mind.
When a message is received by the Cartegos requesting Ann to meet on Aurelia Station and suggesting that Seska is alive, Zaer changes their course. Knowing the station is run by a tenuous partnership of criminal organizations that hate Ethalians, a plan is formed to keep Ann safe while meeting with those who have information about Seska… but nothing ever goes as planned, especially since Central Command has posted a high bounty for Ann's capture that none of the partners of Aurelia can resist.

(Available Feb-Mar 2024)