Starfire Angels
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This is the corner of my site devoted to all things in my Starfire-verse. I've set up tabs for what I think you want to know, but please have patience since I add to the pages as I find time. I am also trying to write around time for my family and other hobbies.

Please feel free to contact me (using the "Contact" page link on the menu above) with suggestions or questions about the series. I enjoy hearing from readers and would welcome knowing what your biggest questions are to build this site to its full potential.

I am adding to this world in new ways and hope that you will enjoy continuing with new characters and new situations. You'll notice that, as my focus shifts from young adult (Dark Angel Chronicles) to more adult science fiction, I am writing under a different pen name (M.A. Nilles vs. Melanie Nilles). I know that readers of the DAC want more Elis and Raea, but I am having fun expanding this universe in exciting ways. They will be around, but Starfire Angels is open to new characters and new worlds that you haven't imagined...but I have! And I think you'll like what I've done, if you give it a chance.

Thanks for continuing to share in my adventurous imagination!

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