Starfire Angels
Fun Facts
  • Starfire Angels took twelve years to be written as it is now. Originally written as a fantasy novella when Melanie was in college, eleven years later, an idea from an anime show gave her the spark to rewrite it as a science fiction novel. One year after that, it was rewritten into Starfire Angels.

  • Raea was originally written as a 16 year old but due to content, her age was changed to 18 in the final version.

  • McClarron, ND, is a fictional setting inspired by several small towns familiar to the author, including Beulah, New Salem, and Mandan. Parts of the high school were taken from parts of NSHS and MHS.

  • Many of the books of the Starfire Angels series contain references to some of the author's favorite science fiction franchises, including Star Wars and Stargate SG-1.

  • The character of Saffir lived on Earth for a while (hinted in Phantoms).

  • Only the names of Saffir and Marin were carried over from the original novella, in which they were mother and daughter, which they are not in the current series.

  • The author didn't have any idea of the San Francisco Shirukan project mentioned in the Dark Angel Chronicles until planning Soriel (Revelations Book 1).
Starfire Angels